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  • Happy 2021. Get vaccinated!

  • Thanks for your support

    Thanks for all of you who supported my campaign. Congratulations to the new City Council members. Viva Oakley!

  • Getting down to the wire

    Many people still haven’t cast their ballots yet in Oakley so #GOTV !!! As my 8th grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Taylor used to say: Bad officials are elected by good citizens that don’t vote!

  • I am supporting PLAs on City projects prioritizing our local workforce. We need a new library. I support the building trades and organized labor. We must adequately fund the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. This is where I stand. What about you? What direction do you want our city to take? Please provide […]

  • Conan Moats is running for Oakley City Council!

    I am running for office to help serve my community and to take positive steps to improve the quality of life for all that reside here.